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Product Details

If you have old or disused uniform, clothing, or PPE that you'd like to dispose of, you can do so by using our uniform recycling programme.
Simply order the desired amount of bags, and fill them up with your old clothing and garments.
Types of items that can be recycled:
- Cotton garments (t-shirts, sweatshirts, underwear)
- PolyCotton garments - polo shirts, trousers
- Polyester garments - outer jackets, fleeces, softshell jackets, bodywarmers, baselayer, suits
- Footwear & PPE such as helmets & spectacles

Note - if you require a large amount of uniform to be recycled (50+ bags), we recommend contacting us as we are able to provide discounts on collection & recycling services for bulk loads of clothing.
The process of uniform recycling is an environmentally friendly way of destroying & repurposing old, end-of-life uniform in a safe and secure manner. The items are shredded to 15mm pellets, and the fibre is used in many applications depending on the grade of the material shredded. These applications include a needled punch, bonded and woven recycled textile materials. End uses include industrial insulation, sewer linings, sound insulation, packaging, relief blankets, mattress insulator pads and more. We have a zero to landfill policy and all garments are processed by an upper tier licensed waste carrier.

Sizing Information

Each bag will hold about 35 adult polo shirts or 10 jackets, or roughly 15kg worth of clothing.

Ordering Process

Once you've ordered and filled your bags, send us an email to sales@wiseworksafe.com with an image of the bags you've filled, and let us know how many you have to collect, and the address you'd like them to be collected from. We'll arrange a collection and your garments will be recycled!

You don't have to use all the bags - if you don't have enough uniform to fill them all, you can keep them for future use, or if you'd rather, contact us to arrange a return & refund. The bags are sold in units of 5, to ensure the most economically viable and efficient method of recycling.

For more information on the best ways to recycle uniform and the reasons to do it, have a read of our blog Disposing of Corporate Workwear & Uniforms Responsibly or download our Infographic.

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