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Is Your Corporate Workwear Sustainable? Here's How to Check

22 Apr 2021


Wondering how sustainable your corporate workwear is? We explore ways you can find out.


People are increasingly expecting, if not demanding, that the companies they buy from and work for are as ethical and sustainable as possible.

Is Your Company Getting the Right PPE Safety Clothing to Keep Your Staff Safe?

14 Apr 2021

The many risks in the workplace mean you need top-quality PPE safety clothing to ensure everyone is protected. The risks to workers in all kinds of environments is now far greater, given the coronavirus pandemic and the ease with which anyone can become infected.

How to Recycle Work Uniforms without Risk: A Guide

10 Apr 2021

We look at how to recycle work uniforms without creating possible threats to your company while helping you to be a more environmentally friendly operation. 

Health and Safety Practices in the Workplace: Why Quality Workwear Matters

06 Apr 2021


Health and safety practices in the workplace start with the clothing workers wear — and its quality.


Employers' most basic responsibility is to take care of those who work for them, and under a number of UK laws, companies are bound to ensure that workplaces are clean, safe and healthy spaces to work in.

How Companies Can Reduce Their Environmental Impact with Uniform Recycling

25 Feb 2021

Uniform recycling in the UK offers firms another opportunity to burnish their environmental credentials and attract new customers.

Nitrile PPE Gloves: A Better Fit All Round

24 Feb 2021


Getting the right kind of PPE gloves will help you do the job better while also protecting yourself and others.

Quality and reliable personal protective equipment (PPE) has never been so important and necessary as the world continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic.

Select Bespoke Staff Uniforms Your Team Will Love

13 May 2020

A knight’s armour is crafted to instill fear into his opponents. A police officer’s uniform is to increase authority. A footballer’s kit is to encourage confidence and team spirit. In this article we share the secrets to achieving your goals through your uniform, while ensuring your team love to wear it.

Learn How to Choose a Security Guard Uniform

08 May 2020

Those working in a security role are there to protect visitors, customers and staff or for the secure handling and transportation of cash and valuables. This means they’re automatically in an authoritative and high-risk position and should be dressed and protected accordingly.

The Gender PPE Gap: Keeping Female Employees Protected

12 Apr 2020

With a RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) study finding that almost a third of women in construction in the UK believe their career has been held back due to inherent sexism, the construction industry is continuing to face an equality crisis. 

Understanding EN ISO 20471 - High Visibility Clothing (formerly EN471)

25 Mar 2020

Hi-vis workwear is crucial in industries where a significant proportion of work occurs near traffic, cranes or other motorised vehicles, as well as work at night. Hi-vis plays an important role in the safety of workers, so all hi-vis vests, trousers, jackets and polo shirts must have EN ISO 20471 certification.