Corporate and Social Responsibility Statement

This statement is about how Wise Worksafe takes account of its economic, social and environmental impact in the way it operates as a business. Not only is Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) something we take seriously, we aim to align our business values, purpose and strategy with the needs of our customers and intermediaries, whilst embedding such responsible and ethical principles in to daily workflows and everything we do.

The elements of this Statement cover our approach in dealing with our customers, suppliers and the wider community in an effort to support reducing energy, manage water and energy use, and reduce environmental impact. Elements of this overlap with other Policy Statements (“Environment Policy”, “Sustainability Policy”, “Ethics Policy” for example).

Corporate and social responsibility regarding environmental protection

Our Corporate Policy and Code of Conduct underline our commitment to:

  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and codes of practice;
  • Protect the environment by striving to prevent and minimise our contribution to pollution of land, air and water;
  • Keep wastage to a minimum and maximise the efficiency of equipment and reuse of resources;
  • Manage and dispose of assets responsibly;
  • Provide training for staff in accordance with our corporate, social and environmental commitments and within an environmentally aware culture;
  • Regularly communicate our environmental performance to our employees;

Our objective is not to cause harm to the environment as far as practicable. This is achieved by maintaining our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and by adopting the following principles:

  • Regular monitoring and review of aspects and impacts on the environment will provide the foundation for continual improvement of the Company’s environmental performance.
  • Make efficient and environment-conscious use of resources to ensure a sustainable future through income growth, whilst making a positive contribution to the environment by preventing pollution and reducing the significant environmental impact of energy-use and packaging-use.
  • The establishment of a waste management programme, adopting the hierarchy of reduction, re-use, recovery (including recycling), and final optimal disposal.
  • Promotion of the efficient use of energy by all our personnel.
  • When planning work, all our personnel will aim to keep any potential impact on the environment such as noise, dust, smells, or fumes to a minimum.
  • After application of the waste hierarchy of reduce re-use recover/recycle, any remaining waste will be disposed of responsibly; all our personnel will comply with agreed waste disposal requirements relating to areas under our control.

Corporate responsibility regarding customers

The Management undertake to ensure the company deals responsibly, openly and fairly with customers and potential customers by:

  • Ensuring that all proposals and documentation are clear, informative, relevant, legal, decent, honest and truthful;
  • Being open and honest about our products, services, technical knowledge, success and failures – telling customers what they need to know in a corporate, environmental and socially responsible way at all times;
  • We will register and resolve customer complaints in accordance with our published standards of service;
  • We will operate in ways that safeguards against unfair business practices;
  • We will avoid pressure selling techniques;
  • We will acknowledge failings and under-performance frankly and work hard to learn and improve business outcomes;
  • We will listen to our clients and suppliers – ensuring our offer and approach is relevant, effective and timely;
  • We will strive to benchmark and evaluate what we do in order to continually improve our competitive edge and effectiveness both as a business and a customer solution in the marketplace.

The Directors will also ensure that managers deal openly, responsibly and fairly with suppliers and partners by:

  • Ensuring we use the best suppliers for the job wherever possible;
  • That we endeavor to pay on time;
  • Not expecting any discounts to have a detrimental effect on their business.

The operational and ultimate responsibility for the commitment to our corporate social responsibility principles lies with the Management of Wise Worksafe. Every employee of the company is expected to give their full co-operation to the above principles in their activities at work.

The effectiveness of the Policy Statement will be monitored and reviewed regularly by the Directors to ensure the company is compliant with any relevant legislation and to meet the new business requirements and to identify areas in need of improvement.

Last reviewed: 30 October 2023