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Body armour plates HG1 KR2+SP2

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Ballistic body armour insert plates for stab, spike and bullet proof vests.
Provides HG1A handgun protection with additional KR2 stab proof level and SP2 spike protection.
Superior protection against hand guns, knives and spiked instruments such as needles and syringes.
Flexible and lightweight for maximum comfort and agility.
Heat-seal protected aramid to maintain performance levels.
Excellent multi-hit stopping power.
Ideal for cash and valuables in transit (CVIT/CIT), security services, public order and law enforcement personnel.

This pair of front and back panels are worn in conjunction with a body armour carrier jacket or vest (see P-C50OVACP supplied separately).

Technical Information

HG1 Handgun Protection level with increased blunt trauma limit
Maximum backface deformation (BFD), Backface Signature (BFS), or "trauma": 25mm

HG1 is tested with a 9mm FMJ with a mass of 8.0 g (124 gr) at a velocity of 365 m / s +/- 10 m / s and with a .357 Magnum soft point flat nose with a mass of 10.2 g (158 gr) at a velocity of 390 m / s +/- 10 m / s.

Note that the difference between HG1/A and HG1 is the BFS limit from 44mm for HG1/A to 25mm for HG1.
KR2 Knife Resistant Level 2
SP2 Spike Protection Level 2
Energy level E1: Max 7mm knife penetration and 0mm spike penetration at 33 joules
Energy level E2: Max 20mm knife penetration at 50 joules
Exceeds the HOSDB (Home Office Scientific Development Branch) Body Armour Standards for UK Police (2007)

5-year warranty

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