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The Gender PPE Gap: Keeping Female Employees Protected

12 Apr 2020

With a RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) study finding that almost a third of women in construction in the UK believe their career has been held back due to inherent sexism, the construction industry is continuing to face an equality crisis. 

The Importance of Female-Fit Workwear & PPE

10 Dec 2019

Regardless of the proportion of women working in any industry, they still have the same need for work clothing and PPE that fits correctly. Read more about how to keep your female staff smart and safe.

5 Ways to Motivate your Team to Wear PPE

13 Nov 2019
Check out our top tips for motivating staff to wear the correct PPE. Providing staff with appropriate PPE and ensuring that it is worn when required is crucial for keeping employees safe and ensuring that your business is compliant with health and safety regulations.

Could Safety Footwear Be Causing Your Workers Harm?

15 Jul 2019
Numerous studies have found that those who wear safety shoes for long periods have one or more foot problems. Safety footwear can also cause other health-related issues, such as back pain and injury, as well as poor concentration and an increased danger of accidents. Find out more about the risks of poor safety footwear and how you can make sure your workers have appropriate footwear that keeps them safe and healthy.