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Health and Safety Practices in the Workplace: Why Quality Workwear Matters

06 Apr 2021


Health and safety practices in the workplace start with the clothing workers wear — and its quality.


Employers' most basic responsibility is to take care of those who work for them, and under a number of UK laws, companies are bound to ensure that workplaces are clean, safe and healthy spaces to work in.

How Companies Can Reduce Their Environmental Impact with Uniform Recycling

25 Feb 2021

Uniform recycling in the UK offers firms another opportunity to burnish their environmental credentials and attract new customers.

Understanding EN ISO 20471 - High Visibility Clothing (formerly EN471)

25 Mar 2020

Hi-vis workwear is crucial in industries where a significant proportion of work occurs near traffic, cranes or other motorised vehicles, as well as work at night. Hi-vis plays an important role in the safety of workers, so all hi-vis vests, trousers, jackets and polo shirts must have EN ISO 20471 certification.

Understanding EN343 - Waterproof & Breathable Protective Clothing

26 Feb 2020
When it comes to facing the elements, it’s important that workers have the right level of protection. We’ve put together a complete guide to the EN 343 standard for waterproof and breathable clothing. This explains the requirements and testing methods for workwear and PPE that has been designed for foul weather working conditions.

Understanding EN ISO 20345 - Safety Footwear (formerly EN345)

27 Nov 2019

Protecting feet against hazards in the workplace is key. The footwear you choose for your employees should meet legal standards, be appropriate for the task, the individual, and the environment in which they are working. It must also be used and cared for correctly by those who are wearing them.

Understanding EN 166 - Personal Eye Protection Standard

19 Jun 2019

EN 166 is the standard covering the 'basic requirements' of safety eyewear in the workplace. Thousands of accidents occur that threaten workers with short and long-term eye injuries, sight impairment or blindness. Find out how EN 166 helps create suitable eye protection to prevent injuries.

Understanding the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425

08 May 2019

Personal Protective Equipment is required by law to protect employees from workplace hazards that cannot be eliminated by other means. Find out what is required of the PPE supply chain since Regulation (EU) 2016/425 was officially mandated in the UK, and what buyers and consumers should look for when purchasing PPE.

Understanding EN 352 - Hearing Protection Standard

26 Mar 2019

Millions of employees across the world are exposed to excessive levels of noise in their workplace. To ensure the hearing protection you provide is fit-for-purpose and in line with the requirements of The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005, ear protection products for sale in Europe must meet the EN352 series of European standards.

Understanding EN 388:2016 - Protective Gloves Against Mechanical Risks

22 Jan 2019

Hands are vulnerable to a multitude of hazards in the workplace, including a number of mechanical risks. This is why it’s important to identify and provide the most appropriate safety gloves for the specific task.