Factors Influencing Employee Satisfaction [Slideshow]

With financial rewards, working conditions, career advancement and internal relationships to consider, ensuring your team remain satisfied within their role is anything but easy. However, with rising recruitment costs and a growing number of job vacancies remaining empty, employee satisfaction is of growing concern to UK companies.

Having supplied organisations across the UK with comfortable, functional and beautifully designed clothing, WISE Worksafe helps those organisations achieve greater employee satisfaction by providing smarter and safer work environments.

In the below slideshow, we've explored the factors influencing employee satisfaction, and how employers can overcome the challenges these bring.


Glen Smith

Having worked at WISE Worksafe for over 16 years, Glen Smith our Marketing Manager has a wealth of experience in corporate branding, company uniforms, functional workwear and PPE. He has a passion for making brands stand out from the crowd, and coming up with innovative solutions to support our clients in this process.