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5 Things to Consider When Designing a Company Uniform

25 Jul 2019
Delta Airlines recently hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons when staff started complaining that the airline’s newly launched uniforms were causing them unpleasant skin conditions. This story has been running for a year and is still receiving regular attention from the media. So how can you avoid a poor employee experience and negative press and attract only positive results from your company uniform design?

Could Safety Footwear Be Causing Your Workers Harm?

15 Jul 2019
Numerous studies have found that those who wear safety shoes for long periods have one or more foot problems. Safety footwear can also cause other health-related issues, such as back pain and injury, as well as poor concentration and an increased danger of accidents. Find out more about the risks of poor safety footwear and how you can make sure your workers have appropriate footwear that keeps them safe and healthy.

How to Choose Hospitality & Catering Uniform

01 Jul 2019

The hospitality industry provides millions of jobs with a diverse range of roles. Staff uniform is key to keeping employees safe, comfortable and confident, while creating great first impressions and a positive guest experience. This guide highlights the importance of uniform in this industry and offers advice on making the right choices.

Understanding EN 166 - Personal Eye Protection Standard

19 Jun 2019

EN 166 is the standard covering the 'basic requirements' of safety eyewear in the workplace. Thousands of accidents occur that threaten workers with short and long-term eye injuries, sight impairment or blindness. Find out how EN 166 helps create suitable eye protection to prevent injuries.

The History of Corporate Uniforms

29 May 2019
The concept of uniform originated centuries ago as a way to create identity and unity between individuals that belonged to certain institutions. Today, companies all over the world have a strong brand representation through their corporate uniform design. Company goals, the availability of fabrics, fashions and other influences of different eras have all impacted uniforms over the years.

Why a Work Uniforms Policy Is Vital for UK Businesses

14 May 2019
Jessica Anderson is a nurse who hit the headlines recently because she was initially denied a new Guinness World Record (GWR) for a nurse running the London marathon due to her choice of uniform. The decision has since been overturned and the GWR admitted that their policy was outdated. This news story highlights the importance of having a fair and up-to-date uniform policy. We discuss who needs a uniform policy, why it’s important and what to include.

Understanding the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425

08 May 2019

Personal Protective Equipment is required by law to protect employees from workplace hazards that cannot be eliminated by other means. Find out what is required of the PPE supply chain since Regulation (EU) 2016/425 was officially mandated in the UK, and what buyers and consumers should look for when purchasing PPE.

The Importance of Branded Clothing for Charities

15 Apr 2019

Successful charities know the importance of establishing a brand and engaging their people and supporters, in order to achieve the great things they're striving for. Branded clothing and uniform play an essential part, by combining the power of the charity's brand with the human touch, to inspire trust, drive engagement, assist with fundraising and boost loyalty.

Understanding EN 352 - Hearing Protection Standard

26 Mar 2019

Millions of employees across the world are exposed to excessive levels of noise in their workplace. To ensure the hearing protection you provide is fit-for-purpose and in line with the requirements of The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005, ear protection products for sale in Europe must meet the EN352 series of European standards.

10 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Bespoke Company Uniform

14 Mar 2019

Bespoke corporate clothing is great option for larger organisations who are looking for a truly unique uniform. In this article, we explore the pros and cons of opting for bespoke uniform, and how to design and plan your uniform in our clear step-by-step guide.