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Understanding EN343 - Waterproof & Breathable Protective Clothing

26 Feb 2020
When it comes to facing the elements, it’s important that workers have the right level of protection. We’ve put together a complete guide to the EN 343 standard for waterproof and breathable clothing. This explains the requirements and testing methods for workwear and PPE that has been designed for foul weather working conditions.

How to Protect Workers from Cold Stress [Infographic]

19 Feb 2020
Working outdoors in low temperatures can be dangerous and increases the risk of cold stress. This occurs when the body is unable to keep itself warm. Understanding the dangers and how to protect yourself from cold stress is essential, particularly during winter months.

10 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Bespoke Company Uniform

28 Jan 2020

Bespoke corporate clothing is great option for larger organisations who are looking for a truly unique uniform. In this article, we explore the pros and cons of opting for bespoke uniform, and how to design and plan your uniform in our clear step-by-step guide.

Extending the Life of Workwear and PPE

20 Jan 2020

Taking care of workwear is essential if you want it to retain its protective properties and last for as long as possible. By choosing quality garments, following the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions, storing correctly, and repairing damage, you can extend the life of your uniform and PPE significantly.

The Importance of Female-Fit Workwear & PPE

10 Dec 2019

Regardless of the proportion of women working in any industry, they still have the same need for work clothing and PPE that fits correctly. Read more about how to keep your female staff smart and safe.

Understanding EN ISO 20345 - Safety Footwear (formerly EN345)

27 Nov 2019

Protecting feet against hazards in the workplace is key. The footwear you choose for your employees should meet legal standards, be appropriate for the task, the individual, and the environment in which they are working. It must also be used and cared for correctly by those who are wearing them.

5 Ways to Motivate your Team to Wear PPE

13 Nov 2019
Check out our top tips for motivating staff to wear the correct PPE. Providing staff with appropriate PPE and ensuring that it is worn when required is crucial for keeping employees safe and ensuring that your business is compliant with health and safety regulations.

The True Cost of Workplace Injuries and How to Reduce Them

21 Oct 2019

The large majority of us will think of cheesy solicitor advertisements when someone says ‘workplace injuries’. Nonetheless, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that over 621,000 people sustained a non-fatal injury at work in 2015/16, and 144 workers were killed. 

Staff Clothing and Tax: What You Need to Do and How You Could Save

11 Oct 2019

There’s no denying it, UK tax legislation is a minefield, whether you’re a mathematical genius or not. If you fail to report expenditure to the government or inform your employees of potential rebates, it could cost your organisation and staff a small fortune. 

5 Things to Consider When Carrying Out a Rebrand

23 Sep 2019
With a brand's colour impacting customer recognition by as much as 80%, a rebrand is anything but simple. In this article we'll explore 5 things you must consider when carrying out a rebrand.